It can be difficult finding inventory balance without shortage issues or carrying too much stock. Let our custom designed programs be your solution! We create inventory management plans that are specific to your demand ensuring your parts are in stock and available when you need them. As an extension of your procurement team we will streamline your supply chain, lower your overall inventory investments, and improve product availability so you can better support your customers’ needs.


This flexible program allows customers to place an order and then schedule releases as needed for up to a 12-month period. This reduces the administrative expense of having to place multiple purchase orders while improving product availability.


We allocate our inventory at your warehouse and payment is not due until parts are sold. Utilizing this program reduces your carrying costs while providing immediate access to inventory.


This is a hybrid of our blanket order and consignment program. We ship the full quantity of a blanket purchase order but will only invoice on predetermined dates for up to 12 months for the agreed upon release quantities. This gives you immediate access to inventory allowing you to pay for it over time without tying up cash flow.


Our strategic management solution provides customers inventory balance without sacrificing product availability. We maintain six to eight months of product in our supply chain ensuring your parts will be in stock and available when you need them.

We streamline your procurement process by taking over the responsibilities of sourcing, stocking and replenishments. This plan alleviates you of these daily activities so you can focus your time, money and resources on other value-added tasks thereby reducing your total cost of ownership. View our flyer here.

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