About Us

Our History

Loyalty, drive, compassion and the heart to help others were key life principles Bob Wegner learned from his mother, June and father, Vern Wegner, a successful business man who open and operated Beacon Bolt and Screw. Watching his mother and father and how they treated others molded Bob into the man he is today. The lessons learned inspired Bob to start his own fastener company. With his drive and passion for being the best Bob was motivated every day to go after that dream wholeheartedly. You could say it was in his blood.

As a young adult Bob worked for two small fastener distributors and a manufacturer. During that tenure he met Gary Pavlik. They stayed in touch over the following years and in October 1979 at the age of 24 Bob and Gary collaborated and formed Beacon Fasteners and Components. They worked extremely hard and fervently to market and grow their small screw business, even forgoing a paycheck for the first two and a half years. From those humble beginnings Beacon Fasteners and Components has grown every year since. The focus has always been to supply quality driven products, ship on time and service the heck out of the customer. These goals are the same today and the reason for Beacon's continued success over the last 38 years. Great people equal a great company and it all started when one young boy inherited a dream of being the best.